When i see your face, i crumble.

The walls that used to be oh so strong have turned into sand.

They used to tower way above everything that i touched,

But now they barely reach my fingertips.


The walls around my heart, however, have tripled in size.


Rising above the sandcastles that were once built

For decoration; not for safety.

The new walls,

Now learnt from previous destroyers

They’re built from concrete and cement.

In no way concerned for decoration any more,

But fully concerned about safety,

They warn off men who try to tear them down.


Even if they are successful,

The walls of the future will just grow higher and higher

Until they can touch the sky.


After all that’s an architects biggest dream;

To have built the tallest building to date.


I am an architect and i say build till’ the skyscrapers scrape the sky.


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