of course they’re most commonly known for stairway to heaven by Led Zepplin in 1971, but do you think there’s a stairway to hell? sometimes i think hell would be better than heaven, if they existed that is. granted there’d be the odd murderer to keep you company but you’d be free. i doubt you’d really care about what other people thought of you and seeing as everyone else has shitty lives you’d be in it together. do you think there’s aa meetings in hell? recovering alcoholics trying to turn their lives around. and if there was, would it work? if it did, would they still be stuck in eternal damnation or would the light of heaven trickle through the shallows of hell and, as if taken by aliens, ascend up towards to light. if you ask me, a death slide descending to hell would be the perfect irony. i think they should take it up on the heaven and hell committee, you never know, by the time we’re on our way there we might just come across a death slide to brighten our day.


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