to travel.

to travel, explore different cultures, not just tourist sites but the cuisine and their language would be amazing. if i were to travel, that’s what i’d like to do; most probably avoid touristy places, like paris or london and explore the smaller towns and villages. get a feel of the real culture rather than the so called culture that’s bought in gift shops; really live in another country and not just stop by. the modern architecture just doesn’t interest or excite me, they’re all just buildings with slight variation in colour and material. the older, more textured buildings hidden amongst the wilderness and half-eaten by ivy, that’s what interests me. i’m not saying that all modern buildings aren’t interesting because there certainly are many exceptions, just that the buildings that were built within towns and villages excite me more, feels like more to explore. they were built at the same time the culture was born, of course they’re going to be better to understanding the culture that you’re trying to absorb; there’s more culture bound to their bricks and their bricks are bound to the culture.



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