pinpricked sky.

My ears are ringing,
And my heart singing
With tunes of regret and sadness.
I do not see the light
When I look through the tunnel;
I see the dark.
The dark that creeps over my skin
That crawls and bites
As if a spider through the night.
I do not see the sun
When it shines,
But the moon when it glows
In the pin pricked sky
And grass so below.
I see the river flow
And the birds sing
While I walk along the path
I do not hear the children’s laughter,
But the tattooed tarmac
Of forgotten gum
And old sums
Of math and science matter.

I do not see happy
I never do
I see dark when there’s light.
I see the moon when the sun glares.  
I see the floor when laughters in the air.
I see life;
And I do not hide behind the veil that covers.


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