dear somebody.

Dear nobody,

Your face still hurts,

What you took from me is still missing,

But i can’t change that.

I’m filled with regret for everything,

And i know that you are too.


Dear nobody,

We’re falling apart,

We write our hearts out to each other,

Our hands fall onto the keyboard

Coughing up our problems

We’re too afraid to speak out loud.


Dear nobody,

Although not often we speak,

I value your words when we do.

I miss the times we used to speak so often it hurt,

But times change and people move on.


Dear nobody,

I love you,

But i can’t love you when you’re constantly worried.

Worried about where i am

And who i’m with,

I’m almost an adult now,

Don’t worry.


Dear nobody,

I love you too,

But sometimes i don’t.

Your words hurt,

They scar and indent themselves into my brain

And once they’re there they won’t leave,

They never do.


Dear nobody,

I’m starting to fall for you,

But i’m worried that it’s not you i’m falling for;

That it’s love,

And being loved.
Dear somebody.


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