Sometimes i think about how different things could have been,

Between you and me,

Or how i see the stars shine,

Or how the possibility of looking into someone’s eyes,

And feeling so alive i forget how to breathe is not one so far fetched.

Sometimes i wonder what it was like a thousand years ago,

Or two thousand,

Or even sometimes three.

I wonder about how when they looked up at the stars they would see the same Orion’s belt as me;

Surprisingly still neatly fitting around his waist,

Maybe he’s had it loosened because surely he hasn’t kept on top of his dietary plan for millennia.

Sometimes i think about how people think;

About me and how they see the world,

But everyone’s so different how could i know?

But i try;

As if i’m clay free to mold in a pottery stand,

They come with their harsh hands,

Moulding me into who they want me to be and i agree because to be wanted is top priority,

I stand my ground,

Asking to be heard,

Asking for my opinion to be taken into consideration but sometimes i want nothing but to be anchored to the warmth of my duvet and to the comfort of my bed,

Anchored so tightly like a sunken ship not even found by schools of fish playing too deep,

To be held not by a person but by the tranquility of certainty in my own head.

But sometimes,

I want to climb between the cracks of buildings and stand on top of the world,

Watch it spin by as i look into your eyes,

And forget how to breathe.


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