upside down.

Her hair flowed like water in the wind,

Her eyes gazed as if she’d never seen before,

Their laughter rose above the rows of corn;

Staining the air with memories.


He looked at her as if she held the whole world in her hands,

While she looked at him as if he stopped the world from crumbling.

Together they travelled

Through endless planets and stars.


But she knew more than he

That the world that rested her palms

Couldn’t stay there forever.


She knew she couldn’t hold onto her planet for any longer;

Her arms were starting to ache,

And her head hurting.


She knew when she was alone;

Her thoughts swam with sharks

And more often than not ended in wounds.


She looked up at the sky,

It looked funny upside down;

She laughed.

But he was too busy caressing her body to notice.



When she looks at him she doesn’t know what to feel.

She looks at him and sees a future;

A future where they laugh and dance,

A future where they sit beneath the stars and talk about their mutual hatred for odd numbers,

A future where she doesn’t feel like she needs to pierce her skin to let the demons out because the demons have packed their bags and left on their own.

But she also sees just another boy;

Just another boy who whispers sweet nothings into her ear which she thought were sweet somethings,

Just another boy who’ll throw her back to the hounds after he’s done petting her because she doesn’t want to play by his rules,

Just another boy who will pick her up and then after realising his mistake, will drop her thousands of feet smashing on the hard concrete pavement.

When she looks at him she doesn’t know what to do.