I see love in fingertips touching,

Making sure to remember every inch of your body.

I see it in eyes meeting after what seems like hours of laughter

While snow falls outside and the fire roars,

I see it in creating priorities,

Lifting above everything you thought imaginable.


But ultimately,

Fingertips that were once discovering new land

Have seen all there is to see,

They long to explore fresh grass

Rather than to sit in this bland desert filled with cold hearts.

Jokes that once ended in hours of laughter

Now fail to even crack a smile

And eyes stay glued to the floor.

And if they do meet they echo the roaring fire;

Rather than the snow as before.

And priorities have become a less frequent occurrence,

As you have become bland and ordinary.


Hold onto hands,

Lock your eyes,

Treasure time spent together.


Love is temporary;

And memories will last forever

But when your heart is fading into a pale beige

And your attempts to hold on are failing;

Know when to let go.


But don’t get pushed away;

Walk away with purpose,

With pride and love for what once was,

And no regrets of the past.


Keep eyes up

Mouth spread wide

And look onwards to see what the future hides.


I hope it’s a purple or a bright green;

Any shade far enough from this dullness and bland

So I can hide behind this smokescreen for a little while longer

Before i end up on this same shore of sand and sea painted beige.


galaxies and oceans.

Our eyes are portals to sadness.

To pain.

But also to love.

To happiness.

There’s whole worlds in our eyes,

Some more visited than others.

Some we’ll never visit.

And some we have no intention to visit

But somehow,  we stumble across them.

Walking along the river looking up at the sky and watching the trees sway in the wind

Wondering where we’re going to end up next.

Our eyes can tell a whole story without having to speak a single word.

They try to rid themselves of sadness and misery.

Pouring out all they have,

Draining all their taps and energy,

They clear the space for better things to come.

Our hearts swim in the deep deep ocean,

Venturing into the unknown.

They find creatures that can’t even be fathomed by our imagination.

They light up the darkness that we’re so engulfed by

And swim with us on our journey.

Keeping us away from dangers.

But sometimes there’s dangers they can’t protect us from.

Ones that entice,

Ones that are utterly unpredictable,

Ones that seem harmless at first,

But then they start to rip out our heart to play catch.

They start to kick our fragile hearts,

They start to bend and weaken.

But they’ll never break,

No matter how hard they try,

No matter how much it feels like they have;

They’ll never break.

We’re stronger than that.


Because we have galaxies in our eyes and oceans in our hearts.


When i see your face, i crumble.

The walls that used to be oh so strong have turned into sand.

They used to tower way above everything that i touched,

But now they barely reach my fingertips.


The walls around my heart, however, have tripled in size.


Rising above the sandcastles that were once built

For decoration; not for safety.

The new walls,

Now learnt from previous destroyers

They’re built from concrete and cement.

In no way concerned for decoration any more,

But fully concerned about safety,

They warn off men who try to tear them down.


Even if they are successful,

The walls of the future will just grow higher and higher

Until they can touch the sky.


After all that’s an architects biggest dream;

To have built the tallest building to date.


I am an architect and i say build till’ the skyscrapers scrape the sky.